„84% of marketers who track return on investment (ROI) say ABM delivers higher ROI – often significantly higher – than any other marketing initiative.“


Source: http://www.itsma.com/challenge-scaling-abm-programs/

The concept of Account Based Marketing  experience a huge interest in companies these days as there are measurable benefits as you can see from the latest research of ITSMA.

Account Based Marketing bridges the gap between the sales organization focusing on strategic/top/key accounts and the strength of the marketing organization. Companies invest a fortune to build key account structures and to service those accounts.

Many times companies name customers “key” or “strategic” when they have either purchased a lot in the past or they are simply  “large” companies.

Sales can do a lot to judge on those questions – Marketing research is a discipline which  analyses the answer.

Sales can personally talk to many key people in the important accounts – Marketing can use tools to reach ALL of the key people with personalized messages.

Account Based Marketing increases the efficiency in selling into the most important customer base with strategies, tactics and tools of their daily work.

Scherer Consulting helps clients to


their most important customers with marketing analytics methods


an Account Based Marketing strategy and plan and


a successful Account Based Marketing team with the right skills to drive to success

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